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Asar-Suti is sorting index cards.

He is worried about Gil, actually; the faun hasn't been his usual self this winter, and he won't talk about it. Asar-Suti often makes up his mind to broach the subject, but Gil has years of practice in deflecting 'Suti's attention -- or is it that there is really nothing gravely wrong?

And these index cards would be unnecessary, by now, if all those medieval and magical types would agree to use the computer to look up things, which really is no evil witchcraft or anything!! But no, for most of them, magic and technology doesn't mix.


"Not you!" Asar-Suti says, realising he has spoken aloud from the stare the cat passing the open library door is giving him.-
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Asar-Suti is sitting in the magic library, reading up about snakes.

In many magical traditions, snakes are very, very special creatures. Not just in the magic of Gil's world...
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It is gardening season now, but that doesn't mean that Asar-Suti would neglect the library.

He is sitting there now, cataloguing bibles. Not magical? Of course bibles are magical -- to many, many worlds of witch- and vampire hunters.

And these are all very special, in that regard.
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One of Asar-Suti's many failings is that he can't leave well alone.

So, when he sees a light from the forge today while getting some of his tools and pots inside the potting shed prior to the expected first snows, he alks down there, still in his wellie boots and with dirty hands, on the off chance that it is the axe warrior with the girly name that he's seen come from the forge in a leather apron before.

It is - Teja is sitting, hunched over the anvil, doing some very small and fidgety work with great patience, and a very small hammer. He looks up, gives Asar-Suti a darkly neutral look, and carries on working.

Some deliberate misunderstandings )
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They had agreed that for Asar-Suti's second anniversary in Milliways, they'd go to Gil's world and have a nice meal, in a nice wizarding place, a few years in Gil's past, before the pestiferous Dark Lord horrid Rodolphus Lestrange served came back.

When all was peaceful and harmless and quaint, if you didn't have horns. Or were a werewolf.

Asar-Suti was wearing nice purple robes, and a dark violet hat that would look right at home there. He hoped they'd get out before anybody else here in Milliways noticed the hat, but still, if he'd gone to earth, he'd be wearing jeans or something, so the hat should be all right.

He was waiting for Gil to turn up.
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It was midmorning, and Asar-Suti was in the garden, leaning on a railing keeping people from falling into the lake  during parties, and smoking a cigarette.

He did that occasionally; when he was new, cigarettes had struck him as do-it-yourself burnt offerings, and the habit had stuck. Of course, it was utterly noxious to mortals. You wouldn't expect them to bathe in lava either, would you?

"Greetings, oh smelly divine one," Maglor said, turning up beside him and leaning on the railing as well. Asar-Suti threw the cigarette into the lake; Maglor wasn't quite mortal, but probably didn't enjoy burnt offerings, either.

"What can I do for you?" Asar-Suti said pleasantly. He was wearing purple wellie boots.

A brief altercation )
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Asar-Suti found Maglor in a little courtyard.

He was all elf - Kanafinwe Makalaure, second son of the infamous Feanor, wearing shimmering elvish robes, long straight black hair in complicated braids entwined with silver, face smooth and ageless, playing a harp. You'd never have thought he used to play the guitar for his supper in dingy roadside diners on earth, Asar-Suti thought.

"Yo," the purple god said, not willing to enter into the spirit of all the elvishness. It was Bar affairs he'd come to discuss, after all.

"Yo yourself," Maglor grinned, not stopping to play his harp but looking much more like himself with that smirk on his face. "Did you miss us already, there in your bar? I've been in a few times recently, but I didn't see you."

Arguing sideways )
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Strahan sat in the semi-darkened room, waiting for his god to arrive. Tonight they would work on the crystal they'd promised to give to Rabastan for Lestrange's help in keeping Strahan out of the danger the Doom Clock presented. To say he was restless was putting it mildly. He had not done anything seriously magical with his god in a long time now, and the opportunity to create something magical—or rather, the opportunity to learn to create something magical made him feel young in spirit again. Now the concept of creating crystals was nothing new. Strahan already knew how to create lifestones as it was something every Ihlini leader needed to know. When an Ihlini pledged himself to the Seker, a lifestone was created as a bond between the person and the god, and someone had to oversee its manufacture. That task fell to the one who led that faction of the Ihlini sworn to Asar-Suti. This stone was going to be different. It was going to house properties no lifestone ever held before. It was going to house the morphogenetic field of Rabastan Lestrange's wolf shape. And on top of that, several other animal forms that the wizard would be allowed to choose as alternate shapes. A break from having to be a wolf, as it were.

But where was Asar-Suti?

Permanent Magic )
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Out on the lawn, in easy reach of the kitchen door, Asar-Suti had put two tables together.

Around the table, there were enough chairs and benches; on the table, coffee, tea and milk, juice and cereals were put out, fruit and eggs and toast, chocolate eggs and marmalade, plates and cups and cutlery.

With a basket of colourful Easter eggs in the place of honour.

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"I borrowed a room off the scullery, it's got tiles and a table, and if we accidentally explode creation in there, it won't be all that bad," Asar-Suti said, showing up in the simpler versioin of Ihlini robes at seven, in the bar, as agreed with Námo. "Erm, hello Námo."

Námo smiled pleasantly at his friend. "Are we expected to explode things during creating the crystal?" he asked. "Is that a common problem?"

Asar-Suti shook his head. "Not expecting as such," he said. "But we never know how your and my magic will react when thrown together."

He gestured at the kitchen door. "Shall we?"Penguins and crystals )
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It was early morning in Tirion, and Asar-Suti was awake already, looking out the window at the sky, on his back in bed with a sleeping faun by his side. There were little clouds in the piece of morning sky he could see, and even the little clouds were pretty as if painted, here in Aman.

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Moonlight, and a sleeping faun )

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After lunchtime, Asar-Suti came to the kitchen and wheedled a bit. "It's too cold here," he said. "Natural seasons by the lake are well and fine, but I wish it wasn't winter just for a bit. Will you go with me to a place where it's warm, just for a few hours, until your evening shift starts?"
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The 26th December, St Stephens Day in some places, Boxing Day in others, was always much more relaxed than the 25th. Christmas Day, for the kitchen staff, started well before dawn and ended close to midnight with everyone pitching in, either manually or magically, to clearing the debris of the day. This morning those staff members who had drawn the short straw and managed to escape the previous days mayhem had their turn in the barrel and the exhausted others had a chance to sleep in a bit.

Conscientious managers, however, tended to put in an appearance - just to show willing - and so Gil was there, again, aproned and floury, mixing up another batch of dough for the lunchtime rolls. Actually he found it quite soothing and would pass the job along to the next available cook because, today, 26th December, was HIS Christmas Day and soon he'd be off to spend it how he liked.

Asar-Suti had actually spent much of the time Gil was working madly out of the bar, wandering to several Earth versions and other worlds to watch people celebrate. In one place, the priest had even snarked at the astonished congegration or only ever turning up at Christmas; that was a strange sort of celebration. In another, kids had bowled over the Christmas tree during an especially spirited nativity play.

But now, on the second day of Christmas, all those strange revels had palled, and Asar-Suti wanted nothing but some quiet with Gil, who'd hopefully get to escape his kitchen today, barring all emergencies. And wouldn't be so exhausted that he'd just fall asleep instead of enjoying the snow and the arctic lights in, what was it called, Flipperland? Or something else, in some other place.

So, Asar-Suti came to the kitchen on Boxing Day morning, a wrapped gift that was almost, but not quite, the size of a shoebox, casually under his arm. "Morning, Gil," he said to the floury figure kneading dough.

Presents and philosophy )
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In Nerdanel's house )
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The door to the staff corridor is slightly ajar, and if you go in there, you'll find the door to Gil's and Asar-Suti's room slightly ajar as well, and light, voices and music filtering out.

The room itself, large even normally, is now three times as big - Gil has cast mirrormirror charms on both the long walls. The room is dominated by a huge sofa that will seat many people at once; there are tables and chairs near the walls as well.

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Asar-Suti was outside again, hunting wild pig. Not to harm them, of course, just to talk to them. If Vaii was content, then he was due his payment.

They were content. In fact the whole thing could not have gone any better if they'd tried. The sow was still adjusting to her new surroundings, but having another of her kind here made the transition easier. And for now, Vaii was content with the way things were.

Asar-Suti found them near the forest, on the far side of the lake. There was lots of space for them, lots of food. And Gil had promised to add brusied fruit at times. Vaii? he asked.

The Seker Draws Blood )
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