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RPage post -- Talking to Teja in the forge

One of Asar-Suti's many failings is that he can't leave well alone.

So, when he sees a light from the forge today while getting some of his tools and pots inside the potting shed prior to the expected first snows, he alks down there, still in his wellie boots and with dirty hands, on the off chance that it is the axe warrior with the girly name that he's seen come from the forge in a leather apron before.

It is - Teja is sitting, hunched over the anvil, doing some very small and fidgety work with great patience, and a very small hammer. He looks up, gives Asar-Suti a darkly neutral look, and carries on working.

Asar-Suti sees himself forced to talk first, or just lean there, watching. He does the latter for a while, watching the man work on what seems to be a pair of very fine tongs. Making his own tools to specification - he wonders if anybody has told Teja about the bar giving you what you needed. Well, the bar is not herself these days...

Finally, fed up with the silence, the purple god ventures, directly, "Sorry about that thing about the chair yesterday. I didn't mean to offend you - I was only pulling Guppy's leg. And Gil's hoof a bit, but Gil knows me inside out and didn't really fall for it."

"Sending your friend to try and move the dangerous stranger with the axe, merely to see what would happen," Teja says. "I can tell that you are, indeed, a god after all, as the faun claimed, to enjoy such entertainment."

Asar-Suti slightly resents the implication that only gods would do something so pointlessly random, and instead says, "I was. I'm mostly the human wizard again that I used to be before I turned myself into a god."

Teja looks up from his work now, his dark eyes glittering angrily in the red light from the forge-fire. "Turned yourself into a god - like the most degraded of Roman emperors did. Some deified their wives as well; Hadrian, otherwise a sane ruler, even made his catamite a god! That kind of god you are, to go with a faun. I better not blame you for the state of the world, then, seeing you are far too small to have caused any of it!"

Catamite. Oh dear - the grim warrior would be in for some unpleasant surprises if that was his attitude about that sort of thing. Asar-Suti didn't feel especially offended for his own sake, or Gil's, so he didn't say anything. Also, it would be such fun to see this grim barbarian fetch up short against somebody much more passionate about these issues...

"Oh, don't be so grim," Asar-Suti says, good-naturedly, instead. "I know you can relax as well - I saw you with Yrael last night!"

Now the man looks up abruptly, angry, eyes going quickly to where his axe is leaning. "You saw me with nobody, purple one! Keep your slanders to yourself - I do not even know any wench named that! Much less that I would be 'seen' with one. Or touch one out of sight. You either try to threaten me with spreading lies, or there is another wearing my face, like Richard Ryan the night smith wear that of my King Theoderich, or Thomas Lefroy that of Will Scarlett."

"Or I wear the face of the brother of a somewhat vague lady named Fuchsia Groan," Asar-Suti agrees. "But no, it was you, armour, axe and all, in my chair by the fireplace, next to the trilobite tank. You were full of white hair afterwards!"

"Oh, the cat!" Teja pushes a strand of hair away that has stuck to his eyes and nose with his abrupt move. "Anybody may touch a cat if the cat deigns to approach. So that is the name people call him by - Yrael! I'll remember that."

"Yes, the cat," Asar-Suti says, grinning - he didn't want to spoil that unpleasant surprise for the warrior, either. The lovely cat that had sprawled all over him was a not!cat, after all. And to judge from Teja's demeanour, he'd very much object to have a young man sprawl all over him, and would never touch or pet him -- so imagine the double horror when he finally realises...

"Your faun friend is a good and patient creature, to put up with that much purple silliness, and still call you friend," Teja says, picking up his hammer again.

"Gil's the best, utterly and totally," Asar-Suti says with complete conviction.

"So there is one thing even a self-deified purple wizard is serious about - love of your friends!" Teja looks up again, and the hair slips once more. The look in his eyes is a bit softer now, as if there's something there that he can, finally, recognise and respect in this creature of levity and magical decadence.

"Yes - especially for Gil," Asar-Suti says. Oh, it will be such fun to see the man with the pole-axe looking pole-axed when he gets the parts with 'love of your friend' and 'catamite' combined by some well-meaning soul...

Teja looks at him, sadness in his eyes as he, presumably, remembers his dearest friends that aren't here, and then pushes the hair out of his eyes again, awkwardly, with his wrist.

Asar-Suti conjures a thread-covered purple rubber band, the sort that he uses himself when working in the garden. Teja watches the magic with no more than mild disapproval. "Let me," Asar-Suti says, stepping behind the man at his anvil, grabbing the tangled black hair, and snapping the rubber around the messy bundle in three deft turns.

"Take your purple hands off me!" Teja says, fiercely offended.

Asar-Suti did, then dipped his head to whisper, "Did you believe Guppy after all? The purpleness is catching - ick!"

He giggled, winked, and flounced out. Turning a last time at the entrance to the forge, he saw Teja look after him grimly, then start to work again. He kept the rubber band in, though.-

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