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Asar-Suti ([personal profile] asar_suti) wrote2006-01-24 09:09 pm

Drabble post: Asar-Suti wakes up in the night

There was one single moonbeam from a waning moon that had found its way through the curtains into the downstairs room; it illuminated a large pale nose snoring into the blankets, and then glinted suddenly purple when it was reflected by an eye that opened and blinked, disturbed by the intrusion of light.

Asar-Suti woke, blinked again, turned to escape the light (weak and silvery though it was) and reached for Gil's warm body under their furs and blankets.

He was there, half an arm's length away, undisturbed and sleeping the deep sleep of the hard-working kitchen faun.

Asar-Suti looked at him in the weak light, the familiar head of dark brown curls, the two sharp little horns with the corks on the tip (to spare the pillows), the wiry strength of the shoulder and the wholly human foot that stuck out from the blankets further down.

Asar-Suti reached out to stroke Gil's neck; the faun wasn't busier than usual during the days now to need his sleep so much, it was just that Asar-Suti himself was so much less busy, what with the garden under a thick layer of snow, and no real work until spring. The library by now was running itself, and a source of scholarly pleasure, not work. There hadn't been a book on the rampage for months.

When they'd first been together, Gil's and Asar-Suti's more or less borrowed human-shaped bodies had been equal in strength and build, but Gil was stronger now, after the exertions of the two years spent in his world during just two weeks of Milliways time, last summer. Asar-Suti quite liked him that way; but he suspected he'd like Gil in any shape or form. When he'd been a wild faun during the Hellfly week, that had been painful, but it didn't make Asar-Suti feel less for him.

While the garden slept through winter, Asar-Suti could afford lying awake and pondering and philosphising and looking at the patterns the moonbeams made on the ceiling, listening to his beloved faun breathing deeply and regularly until it would be time for him to quietly slip from the bed to start the early shift and get the kitchen going before breakfast.

With a little wiggle of his finger, Asar-Suti magicked the curtains shut all the way so the moonlight wouldn't wake Gil before it was time; he turned to his side, touched his nose to the dark brown curls, and sank back into sleep himself.

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