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Asar-Suti ([personal profile] asar_suti) wrote2005-12-04 11:54 pm

Loggage post: first anniversary of meeting the 'sweet kitchen creature'

Nerdanel had been quiet last evening; she had apparently had enough
new concepts for a bit. Asar-Suti and Gil had fed her hot chocolate,
and left her alone. This morning however, when Asar-Suti woke, she was
already gone. They had their room all to themselves.

didn't ask himself where their guest had gone; he was just glad he
didn't have to ask her conspiratorially to give him some time with Gil
alone. He slipped out to where he'd stowed the trolley last night,
under stasis spell, notice-me-not, <i>and</i> a large
number of magical poinsettias, took off all except the stasis, and
wheeled it into their room.

Gil, as was his habit on a morning
when he didn't have to get up early to make breakfasts, was sound
asleep, sprawled across the bed face down. With his corks on his horns
there was no danger of him piercing the down pillows and he was
immensely comfortable with one of Sooty's pillows tucked under his arm
where Sooty had put it so his absence would be less likely to be
noticed. He stirred a little as Sooty entered, tudding the pillow a bit
closer and nuzzling it before settling again with a groan.

Asar-Suti left the cart beside the bed and climbed back onto it; he crept up to Gil and leaned over him to kiss his neck.

Lovely, warm faun.

"Gil?" he murmured, snuggling closer.

"Mmmmmmmrrrrrrumphhhhh," Gil said, arching his neck and flailing
gently with one arm until he caught hold of Sooty and pulled him in
really close. "Mmmrrrrning," he grumbled. "Weahyoubeen - mistcha."

"Good morning, Gil," Asar-Suti said. "I was getting us breakfast. Do you know which day it is?"

He relaxed against Gil, and nibbled his neck.

"Mmm .... Sunday?" Gil's eyes opened. "Fuck the rats haven't turned
up for their shifts have they!" He sat up, dislodging Sooty then
focussed on the trolley. "Oooh what's this Soots?"

"Breakfast," Asar-Suti explained, whisking off the stasis charm
so things started steaming and smelling deliciously. There was a cooler
with a green bottle-neck sticking out of it. There were crepes,
chocolate-dipped strawberries, sausage and poached eggs on toast.
Asar-Suti took out the bottle and looked at it for a moment. He did
know how to open a normal wine bottle, but champagne was something

"Hang on, Sooty," Gil said. "Don't shake it or we'll have a hole in
the ceiling." He stood up, warmly brown as the toast and smiled as he
took the bottle. "Hold the glasses, we might need to catch this.
Though," he added as he stripped off the foil and undid the wire, "what
I've done to deserve this I can't fathom. Is it some kind of

Asar-Suti held out the glasses and said, "You
deserve this in any case, but it <i>is</i> a celebration.
It's exactly one year since  I stayed out in the bar all night,
terribly wibbly for no known reason, and then in the morning met a
sweet kitchen creature with hooves and horns who diagnosed that I had
had too much coffee, fed me hot chocolate, and sent me to bed," he
explained to Gil. "I thought that deserved a special breakfast."

Gil laughed. "I'd forgotten about that. You and coffee are such an
OTP that it seems odd to think that at one time you'd never had it." He
put the wire down and strong thumbs eased the cork out with a pop. The
champagne erupted with a small squirt of bubbles and Gil held the
bottle over the glasses. "Cheers and thank you so much for having such
a wonderful memory."

"Cheers," Asar-Suti said with a smile when Gil had finished pouring
the champagne. "And thank you for taking a bewildered, fiery dark god
in hand and helping him become - me." He clinked their glasses
together, and drank, very ceremoniously.

"So, as we met at
breakfast-time, I thought we should celebrate with a breakfast. Our
guest is already out and about, so there's nothing to keep us from
pigging out and misbehaving as much as we want!"

Gil gave a chuckle and slipped his hand round the back of Sooty's
neck before leaning down a little to kiss him. He took his time over
this - taking Sooty as his word - then rested his forehead against

"Thank you, I love you, and I'm so glad I was there to help."

"Love you," Asar-Suti murmured, rather overcome. Then he looked up at Gil again, kissed him deeply, and smiled. "Crepes now?"

Gil smiled and arched one shoulder forward and poured a little
champagne into the hollow behind his collar bone then raised an
eyebrow. "Sure Sooty," he said. "Crepes, and strawberries." He took one
of the latter and offered it to Sooty's lips.

Asar-Suti's lips wrapped around it, and he ate the strawberry, then
quickly licked the drop of chapagne off Gil, then went on to lick the
faun's throat, entranced for a moment. He sat down on the bed again,
pulling Gil with him, and leered at him with a purple glint in his eye.
"Yes, my dear faun - let's properly enjoy breakfast in bed!"

Gil drew the trolley to the bedside and sat beside Sooty. "Yeah," he
said, a throaty purr. "We can magic the sheets clean later."

"Yes," Asar-Suti agreed, lying down and stretching invitingly. "As
you've got such a a wonderful charm, there's no reason not to - have
chocolate in bed," he added, putting things mildly.

Gil looks at the trolley, then at Sooty, then at the trolley .... then applies another stasis charm.

Given the choice ... but he takes the strawberries with him.

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