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Loggage Post: Third visit to Aman

[[OOC: As with the other OOMs in Aman posted on [ profile] halls_of_mandos's journal, this was written co-operatively on, which is a wonderful way of writing text together. Nerdanel's parts were written by Nerdanel-mun, and Gil's comments were contributed by Gil-mun - and it still reads like one continuous text. *loves writely to bits*]]

This time, Asar-Suti came alone.

He simply came to the undying lands because he wanted to bring his friend his book, as promised. He'd taken the copy of his monograph on crystal magic that he was most content with, that contained his new observations as an appendix, and had copied it with a translation spell added in.

He slipped out of the bar onto a quiet alley in Tirion, close to Nerdanel's house, and found it again without much trouble.

"Hullo?" he called, lingering by the open door. Clever as the Noldor were, doorbells were apparently not invented here.

It was early evening, and again, her sons were not with her. Off with their cousins in the city proper, and Nerdanel had remained behind with her cold supper and a book from her own childhood. When she heard that voice -- one she had again resigned herself to never hearing again -- she was off the sofa and eagering running into the main hall. Her hair was down, her eyes bright, and her dress so simple as to be common. Which she much preferred. And, as she also preferred, her feet were bare on the cool stone of the floor.

"Asar-Suti!" she called happily, embracing him with affection. "I did not expect to see you once more! And so soon!"

Asar-Suti hugged he back, beaming up to his friend. Oh ye meta-entities that gods swore by, she was so much taller than his usual shape. No reason to make himself taller again; that way lay madness and hubris.

"Nerdanel," he said, "I am glad to be back as well. For me, not much more than three days passed; I just had that party and then took a day to cure the hangover. But I remembered I promised you my monograph on crystals; so why wait getting it to you?"

He took a step back to look at her. "I hope I didn't disturb you or anything."

She looked down at herself a bit sheepishly. "No, not at all. Forgive my state of undress. My sons are enjoying the few warm days left of Autumn before the chill of winter comes upon Aman, and since I was alone, I did not see reason to dress formally." Nerdanel glanced over at her forgotten tray of food. "I was dining while I read -- are you hungry? I would happily share the simple meal if you are."

"I'm not hungry as such, my Gil fed me a nice breakfast, but I'd gladly share a meal with you that you offer, my friend," Asar-Suti said. "Now that I am here, I'll want to stay a bit, and talk to you - what better way is there than over a simple meal? I may walk through the door into other worlds easily, but it's not so banal that I'd just pop in somewhere to drop off a book, and run again."

He thought a bit. "Autumn, you say? Then months haven passed while only three days passed for me. I am glad you still remember me fondly."

She took his hand in hers and led him into a side room, a simple room that was obviously hers, and motioned for him to join her on the divan. "Yes, perhaps three months have passed here. But three months matter little in the lifespan of an Elf." She poured a glass of wine for him, refilled hers, and pointed to the foods on the tray. "Young cheese from Olwë, sent as a gift. It spreads well on the bread. This is roasted pheasant from Oromë's hunt with Amrod two days ago. These," she said, pointing at odd orange berries, "are Autumn apples, as my lark used to call them. They are tart berries that bloom when Autumn arrives; be careful with them, for they have pips in them."

Nerdanel picked one of the berries, delicately eating it as she looked at the book. "It is kind for you to remember such a simple thing, nildonyë."

Asar-Suti drank the wine, and sighed; it was simple and good. As was the bread and cheese, the pheasant, and the berries. Valinoreanly ideal, all of it.

Asar-Suti just tasted, and enjoyed, and loved being here, and in the company of his friend. Oh, he'd love to see her in his own home one day, feed her Gil's pain au chocolat and fried paradoxes; show her the library and the observation window and the trilobite tank.

"It is not a small thing," he said, with a little smile. "Not is it kindness. You know what people who write books and monographs are like; there must be enough Noldor like that. I am not different - of course nothing gives me more pleasure than to give what I wrote to another to read, to another that will be able to understand and appreciate it."

She smiled brightly. "And I thank you very much. I am certain I will not be the only one of us to benefit from this book." The Noldo drew her legs up to her chest, her skirt remaining long, permitting her the casual pose without embarrassment. In such a position, she looked much smaller as she peered over her knees at her friend. "This place that you return to... are there others from here? From this world?"

The unspoken question was -- are my sons there instead of here.

"Námo is there. Melkor is there as well, but he behaves himself, as all we deities must there. Dark or not. There are a few men from your world as well, and a dwarf. There is a half-elf I have at times seen around. But not an elf that you might have met or known," Asar-Suti said. She had lost many - her husband, her father-in-law, five of her seven sons. It was clear to him that she meant those. "But perhaps there might be more. You can never tell who arrives. And it seems once somebody from a world has tunnelled through to our place, beyond and after all worlds, then more from there might come. At one time, there were many people of my own world there; there still are some."

Her smile was weak. "It would be wonderful if I could travel to such a place. While I love my home, and those I have here, I would still like to journey to someplace new. To see new sights and meet others not of my race! It would be a thing indeed."

"People rarely come there because they want to; the first time they may come is mostly fate. On the other hand, Kitt did bring Michael..." Asar-Suti mused, then put his glass down as a thought struck him.

Book, goblet, bread, orange berries - what an elvish idyll, he thought, turning to the door they'd come through. It was open, as seemed to be most doors in this house. So nobody would ever expect a door to open of a sudden, and sobody enthusiastic with a new idea slam out of?

"May I?" he asked.

She tilted her head. "Do as you wish..." she said, a bit confused.

He closed the door to her private sitting room, closing them in. Then, with a small drawn Ihlini rune that was more concentration help to his abilities as a god than actual magic, he opened the door again, willing it to be Milliways.

He opened the door, saw the fireplace, the trilobite tank, a rat scurrying across, patrons that he only knew from sight and others that were friends , a large, friendly creature with blue fur, a dark-haired young man Asar-Suti had once known well -  and a head with horns sticking out from the kitchen door.

He turned to Nerdanel. "This must sound really idiotic, but do you see your corridor, or a tavern?"

Nerdanel stared with wide eyes... and then remembered to breathe. "I see a tavern!" She approached the door. "Where is my corridor and what-- is that the place you and the Lord Mandos go?"

"That it is," Asar-Suti said. "I don't know whether it will let you enter; that is for the magic of the place to decide. I have tried helping people out that were not supposed to leave, and have been paid the price for that. There - the person with horns? That is Gil, the one I love!"

Asar-Suti smiled at Gil, who called out, "Hey Sooty, want a coffee?"

She laughed and clapped her hands almost like a child. "Oh, he is lovely!" She walked even a bit closer, cast a glance over her shoulder, and reached out her hand through the door.

And her hand passed through without resistance, and then she laughed again as she pulled her hand back.

Gil, still looking from the kitchen door, looked at Nerdanel rakishly, and said, "Hey, Sooty, who's your friend?"

"It's Nerdanel!" Asar-Suti answered, smiling with delight. "Seems the bar is letting her come!"

He looked up into her eyes and gestured invitingly through the open door. "Come in. Come and see my home, the library I take care of, my snow-covered garden; meet my friends, my scaly watery pets, and my love. I think you are free to enter."

With a giddy excitement, Nerdanel crossed the threshhold, her bare feet landing on the floor of the bar. "Oh, Asar-Suti!" she breathed as she stepped fully through, her eyes scanning what they could see.

"As I know the bar, I'm sure that door will take you safely back to your own living room," he said. "In the meanwhile, welcome to Milliways, my friend!"