asar_suti: (Smiling)
Asar-Suti ([personal profile] asar_suti) wrote2005-11-30 05:22 pm

RP post: MilliVersary party

The door to the staff corridor is slightly ajar, and if you go in there, you'll find the door to Gil's and Asar-Suti's room slightly ajar as well, and light, voices and music filtering out.

The room itself, large even normally, is now three times as big - Gil has cast mirrormirror charms on both the long walls. The room is dominated by a huge sofa that will seat many people at once; there are tables and chairs near the walls as well.

[[OOC Usual party thread procedure: tag your pup into the entrance thread, and then let them wander around the other subthreads, talk to other guests, get food and drinks, the usual.]]

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