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The airs shimmers purple in the empty - all too empty! - room, and then they are there at last, tumbling on the sofa helter skelter.

Their hands are still in each other's hair, on each other backs; they are pressed close, and kissing desperately.

Gil's horns are long, elegant, and sharp.

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We tried to rest on a fiery mountain today, black basalt towering starkly. I reminded me of home - my original home, that is, Valgaard. But there was somebody else already living there, a very grumpy creature that vociferously and odoriferously objected to my presence and demanded I go away at once and not shake as much as a pebble. As if I would oust them from their stinky little home or pokinate their measly fault line just for fun! I want my own home - not Valgaard now, but Milliways.

And my faun. I miss Gil most horribly. Who knows how much time has passed in Milliway. Perhaps he thinks I've left and forgotten all about him...

We got a better welcome a bit further on, in a city of glass towers that the inhabitants call Erebo. People here collect starlight and make very intricate things out of it; they are quite ethereal themselves, to tell the truth. Somehow Elvish, even, but paler and slighter. Hypatia went everywhere on her dainty hooves over the smooth glass stairs to look at their artifacts in the workshops, aaahing and ooohing, but I must admit despite all the people here told me, I can't understand what the things are actually good for. Perhaps I am, as a sorcerer, ultimately too practical to truly appreciate them.
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Seismic!! )
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There are four of us now, since last night.

Isiu came with me because when I finally will open a door, there will be Falkor on the other side, most likely. Also, because he thinks I deserve the luck of a luckdragon, as lack of such got me lost – in his estimation, at least.

And Lia, the grumpy 'Pegacorn' we met in the ruins, hopes that 'the helpful wizard who shrunk Falkor' (I wish I'd never told that!) might change her into one or the other. I think she doesn't care which, she only complains that neither the unicorns nor the pegasuses will have her as she's got both wings and a horn. She is one of the few creatures I ever met to curse her own parentage. I suspect that afterwards, whatever she might end up as, neither would still want her, and she'd have to realise that what's ultimately wrong with her is her disposition, which is as glum as Isiu's is sunny. I wish I was able to transform Fantasian creatures. My limited magic sorely irks me.

Hypatia, who joined us last night in the ruins, is a much better companion. I think she just wants to have extraordinary adventures, and we're a good excuse. When I told her that Gil had said there are no female fauns, she laughed at me, lifted the hem of her airy light-green toga-like dress, and showed me her goat's legs! Her horns were hidden in her hair, but not on purpose – she let it down and showed us, proudly. No matter that the chance of finding a door is slim, that the chance of finding Gil returned from his world are even slimmer (it hasn't even been a month, and such magic does take its time) – Hypatia is determined to stand up for her species and gender! She has cleverly talked glum Lia into offering to carry her – all voluntarily; what a feat! Fantasian fauns, I must say, are nothing like the wild creature that Gil was, under the influence of the Hellfly.

I just realised that both of them are along to see Gil. Not Trent, not Eska, not even that boy from the Earth version that exists parallel to Fantasia, just Gil. I think I must have been talking about him an awful lot.

Probably because I miss him so much. Oh ye meta-entities gods swear by, I miss my faun! Whatever shape he's in. I shouldn't dwell, or I'll become as glum as Lia, and we need all the optimism and good mood we can find. Especially if we see more creatures like that awful stinker the other day. Fantasia isn't all dragon rides in the sunshine – but I knew that much from the book.

Apart from the luckdragon, I have seen nothing of what was mentioned in the book. I think Fantasia is totally different every time you enter it, and for everybody who enters it. And this apparently is the version reserved for purple gods of magic, formerly Dark, that need to be taught some humility.-
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Not all luckdragons have red eyes. Isiu has topaz-coloured ones. Ale-golden ones. It is a beautiful creature.

His voice is even deeper than Falkor's, and it sounds like the lowest notes on a cello. He came down on me when the door swung shut, asking, "Was that Falkor? I heard Falkor's voice just now!"

I told him it was his friend but, alas, he is in another world altogether, and I have to return there. Isiu understood that; luckdragons are as immortal as gods, and if he doesn't see his friend this century, it will happen the next.

He said he will take me to the Temple of the Thousand Doors, but he has no idea where the next entrance will be. We are off to look in the morning. With luck, he said, there will be an entrance.

I can do magic here, like any Ihlini sorcerer; I cannot shape-shift, and I can't open doors. This is a book-portal world, and the book fell down on the other side of the portal.

I miss Gil! Isiu said there are fauns here, and they are clever people; but I want my faun! What if he comes back and I am gone? He'll think I got sick of waiting and left
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The sun is low in the sky, and before the bonfires are lit for midsummer, there are already fairy lights in the parasols, and a cake on the middle table. On the cake there are candles, but they're not lit yet.

There is ice cream, and glasses, and coffee, and spoons; there is a huge bowl of strawberry punch, and jugs of red and white wine. For those who appreciate it, there is a small cask of Honeybrew from Asar-Suti's homeworld.

Asar-Suti and Gil are wandering about, greeting guests and making sure everybody has cake and a drink.

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[[After this]]

Hand in hand with Gil, faun-shaped Asar-Suti comes out the back door, and, hooves sure and light on the soft grass and earth, walks down to the lakeshore with him, only stopping occasionally for a little kiss that brings the enticing scent even closer.

In a hidden little corner among the rushes, small waves softly lapping close by, he settles down on his haunches, holding out his hand to Gil and the plate of tiramisu.

There are stars out, and the moon is nearly full.
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Talking to Jack last night, I felt as if I could roll up in his lap and pour out my soul.

He is a gods' god, being as he is old as the creation of life. He was there long before war and chaos and the tricks of narrative causality; these are all creatures of the human mindscape. Green leaves were there before the trilobites.

He understands about me; he understands about Gil. He understand about Charlie and Claire and the family-by-choice; he understands about Cynric, and about Lochiel. He is aware of any living creature if he wants to.

He told me Lochiel was all right, even content in his way. It is extremely relieving to hear that; now I can stop worrying about him again. I'll tell both Meg and Bartleby about what Jack said, next time I see either, though.

There's something called 'supervision' that all the psychiatrists and psychologists and psychotherapists and psychiatric nurses and other Earth professions beginning with 'psych-' have to take; that is where they pour out their own heart, talk about their own feelings, about their patients, about difficulties they have at home and at work, about the weaknesses they can't show because they have to be strong for so many others. They regularly give whole days of paid work to that, I have heard.

To me, Green Jack is like supervision for gods; I come away feeling more of a god, instead of less of one. And a whole and complete person at the same time.

He never condescends, he never judges you or others. There are things he strongly dislikes - what modern humans do with Earth, or the arrogance of newer gods - but all those creatures are his creatures.

I'm not his follower; a god being that to another god is wrong. I'll explain to him about the supervision thing, and that he means that to me, on a god-to-god level; as Milliways patrons, I hope we can just be friends.

But Jack being Jack, he already knows.
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Asar-Suti opens the door to Gil's and his room, then walks to the cabinet where the espresso machine lives and gingerly opens it.

The machine sits inside, glowering, the display reddish but quiet.

Asar-Suti folds his arms and glowers back.

"He's all yours," he says to Ray, who has followed him in, with powerpack and goggles, a proper Ghostbuster.
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Last night, I found my lover in the kitchen, covered in sticky goo from various fruit, and tied to a table leg, all by himself. As if he were the village idiot. A retard. Some mongoloid ever-child that is kept around kindly, but often parked where it can't do harm.

Thing is, he's not.

He is a wild faun, and he should not be made to work in a kitchen. You could just as well ask a mountain cat to draw a cart - of course it would screw up!

On loving a wild faun )

Fauns should be free.
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When Asar-Suti had come home to his room, there was a mess there.

There was water and breakage around the open cabinet of the espresso machine, and feathers everywhere.

There was no blood on the feathers; there was no smell of death in the room, just a sense of captured panic and bright despair.

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gil whimple is love
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There's a wall, in the sun. There are lizards on it, small and yellowish, that sun themselves. The wall is made of rough stone, and it overlooks a natural harbour far below; a steep street descends towards it.

There are grey-brown houses cresting the hill over the deep blue sea, under the deep blue sky. There are voices, in the background, chatting happily, and the scent of the many, many lemon trees that grow in this place, in walled gardens within the town.

On the wall, in the sunlight, there are a small purple god and a small brown ex-faun. They have lemon ice cream, with Limoncello liqueur on it.

The small purple god is playing with a piece of polished coral, and smiling.
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The door opens onto a small side alley in which there is nobody except a few cats, arguing loudly over something. After Claire stepped through, Asar-Suti closes the door, which appears to be a rusty metal door leading to the storage area of some shop.

One of the cats gives the two ladies a very strange look.

"Come on, this way," 'Ash' says happily, walking towards the street at the end of the alley, where there is life, music, laughing people, lights.
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Talking to Guppy has reminded me who I was.

I was evil. Now, I don't believe in that 'absolute' nonsense, and I don't quite accept whatever lay in the Look Moraine gave me at naming ceremony. She is Good, but I don't believe in Good and Evil. I had my purpose, and my people, and that was all that counted.

But I was evil, in another way - I hurt people unnecessary, and I walked right over them, and I accepted the sacrifice their suffering without a second thought. Lochiel could have stolen Aidan's son from his cradle, instead of burning down Clankeep and cutting the infant out of his mother's body, couldn't he? I could have paused, just for a moment, when Lillith and Rhiannon brought me young Lochiel, to take as my new Dark Overlord or discard as unfit, whatever my judgement would be. He was perfect, and I took him and made him mine and gave him all the powers he needed for my service, without stopping to ask who he was as a person, what it was he truly chose. He was the greatest, most beautiful and most perfect gift my followers ever gave me, and I jubilantly accepted, with no thought for him. He was sixteen, and thus was violated by his god.

I readily jumped to the conclusion, or at least the possibility, that it was me who caused Guppy to dream of fire, of me burning him, exactly because I still suspect myself; and yet I don't stop for thought enough, too busy playing at being human, and being happy.

I am happy. I am happy with Gil, happier than I have a right to be after who I have been. After who a part of me still is - I am glad those Cheysuli and their lir retreated, or I don't know what I'd have done if they'd truly attacked. And I don't deserve the way Kya the black lir vixen of Hale trusted me, simply because I am a god from her world. Knowing full well who I am. And I fear that by having been who I was, and still partially am, I might do it again. Hurt people I care about. Gil, first and foremost. I already did - 'Talking things over? What talking things over?`' - maybe I am unfit to be with another like that. Perhaps I will ultimately walk over Gil and happily squash what he'd really be to make him mine, no different from what I did to Lochiel. Will Charlie and Claire and Seth be hurt from their association with me? Esk? Sara? Iris of Xanth? Rhiannon and Strahan?

I have no idea how humans normally handle this gap of doubt. There had been no such doubt for me before.
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Sitting here in this bleak place, worried about Gil and homesick for Milliways, I fell to thinking about all that happened lately, and one person that keeps popping up in my mind is Ginevra. I wouldn't have thought her attitude would hurt that much. No, not hurt - get at me, bug me.

In a way, she is right. I'm not the god she was raised to revere and then brought down. From what Gil told me, and from how she treated me in the garden, she seemed undecided whether I am an impostor abusing the name of her former god, or said god having lost his mind.

The explanations I found )
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