Sep. 23rd, 2006

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Strahan sat in the semi-darkened room, waiting for his god to arrive. Tonight they would work on the crystal they'd promised to give to Rabastan for Lestrange's help in keeping Strahan out of the danger the Doom Clock presented. To say he was restless was putting it mildly. He had not done anything seriously magical with his god in a long time now, and the opportunity to create something magical—or rather, the opportunity to learn to create something magical made him feel young in spirit again. Now the concept of creating crystals was nothing new. Strahan already knew how to create lifestones as it was something every Ihlini leader needed to know. When an Ihlini pledged himself to the Seker, a lifestone was created as a bond between the person and the god, and someone had to oversee its manufacture. That task fell to the one who led that faction of the Ihlini sworn to Asar-Suti. This stone was going to be different. It was going to house properties no lifestone ever held before. It was going to house the morphogenetic field of Rabastan Lestrange's wolf shape. And on top of that, several other animal forms that the wizard would be allowed to choose as alternate shapes. A break from having to be a wolf, as it were.

But where was Asar-Suti?

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