Dec. 26th, 2005

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The 26th December, St Stephens Day in some places, Boxing Day in others, was always much more relaxed than the 25th. Christmas Day, for the kitchen staff, started well before dawn and ended close to midnight with everyone pitching in, either manually or magically, to clearing the debris of the day. This morning those staff members who had drawn the short straw and managed to escape the previous days mayhem had their turn in the barrel and the exhausted others had a chance to sleep in a bit.

Conscientious managers, however, tended to put in an appearance - just to show willing - and so Gil was there, again, aproned and floury, mixing up another batch of dough for the lunchtime rolls. Actually he found it quite soothing and would pass the job along to the next available cook because, today, 26th December, was HIS Christmas Day and soon he'd be off to spend it how he liked.

Asar-Suti had actually spent much of the time Gil was working madly out of the bar, wandering to several Earth versions and other worlds to watch people celebrate. In one place, the priest had even snarked at the astonished congegration or only ever turning up at Christmas; that was a strange sort of celebration. In another, kids had bowled over the Christmas tree during an especially spirited nativity play.

But now, on the second day of Christmas, all those strange revels had palled, and Asar-Suti wanted nothing but some quiet with Gil, who'd hopefully get to escape his kitchen today, barring all emergencies. And wouldn't be so exhausted that he'd just fall asleep instead of enjoying the snow and the arctic lights in, what was it called, Flipperland? Or something else, in some other place.

So, Asar-Suti came to the kitchen on Boxing Day morning, a wrapped gift that was almost, but not quite, the size of a shoebox, casually under his arm. "Morning, Gil," he said to the floury figure kneading dough.

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