asar_suti: (Serious)
Asar-Suti ([personal profile] asar_suti) wrote2009-02-23 10:52 am

RP post: In the library, the gods are as capricious as always

Asar-Suti is sorting index cards.

He is worried about Gil, actually; the faun hasn't been his usual self this winter, and he won't talk about it. Asar-Suti often makes up his mind to broach the subject, but Gil has years of practice in deflecting 'Suti's attention -- or is it that there is really nothing gravely wrong?

And these index cards would be unnecessary, by now, if all those medieval and magical types would agree to use the computer to look up things, which really is no evil witchcraft or anything!! But no, for most of them, magic and technology doesn't mix.


"Not you!" Asar-Suti says, realising he has spoken aloud from the stare the cat passing the open library door is giving him.-

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