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Asar-Suti ([personal profile] asar_suti) wrote2006-11-30 09:48 pm

RP post: Expedition to the Wizarding World

They had agreed that for Asar-Suti's second anniversary in Milliways, they'd go to Gil's world and have a nice meal, in a nice wizarding place, a few years in Gil's past, before the pestiferous Dark Lord horrid Rodolphus Lestrange served came back.

When all was peaceful and harmless and quaint, if you didn't have horns. Or were a werewolf.

Asar-Suti was wearing nice purple robes, and a dark violet hat that would look right at home there. He hoped they'd get out before anybody else here in Milliways noticed the hat, but still, if he'd gone to earth, he'd be wearing jeans or something, so the hat should be all right.

He was waiting for Gil to turn up.

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