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Asar-Suti ([personal profile] asar_suti) wrote2006-10-24 12:18 am

Loggage post: conversation in the garden

It was midmorning, and Asar-Suti was in the garden, leaning on a railing keeping people from falling into the lake  during parties, and smoking a cigarette.

He did that occasionally; when he was new, cigarettes had struck him as do-it-yourself burnt offerings, and the habit had stuck. Of course, it was utterly noxious to mortals. You wouldn't expect them to bathe in lava either, would you?

"Greetings, oh smelly divine one," Maglor said, turning up beside him and leaning on the railing as well. Asar-Suti threw the cigarette into the lake; Maglor wasn't quite mortal, but probably didn't enjoy burnt offerings, either.

"What can I do for you?" Asar-Suti said pleasantly. He was wearing purple wellie boots.

"Enlighten me, oh Lord Seker," Maglor said in the tones of utter respectlessness.

Asar-Suti stuck out his tongue. "Don't you start as well, elf! I utterly fail at getting Strahan to properly cut that crap, too."

"Ahh, good point - I was going to ask you about him. Do you know what he wants with Rabastan? I know that you just feel monumentally guilty..."

"They are friends!" Asar-Suti yelped. "Can't they just be friends, without Strahan wanting stuff from your poor innocent Death Eater?"


"I only ever hear Rabastan, Rabastan out of you lately," Asar-Suti added, turning and smirking at the elf. Now they got so far, he could use his infamous indiscretion after all.

"That's probably because there's a lot of Rabastan, Rabastan on my mind lately, and a lot of Maglor, Maglor on his - and you knew that, sneaky purple stinker!"

Maglor grinned like a gingerbread horse at that, and Asar-Suti laughed loud out with amusement. "So he told you - and you were - amenable?"

Maglor nodded, grinning. "He's terribly shy and reticent, so if you tease him, you're in trouble with me. All we ever did was snuggle half of Saturday on the sofa while I was singing him half the Noldolante. So - no remarks any more, okay? It's all well in hand."

"Even when it's not, literally," Asar-Suti said, smirking, earning a cuff in the ribs from Maglor. "Ooof! I'll give him a job and never say a word, promise!"

"I don't know that he really needs that," Maglor said. "I just spoke to this snarky red-headed guy at the bar..."


"Nah," Maglor said. "Another patron. Had a big staff and was even more cynical than I am?"

"Apropos of Nothing!" Asar-Suti said, alarmed. "Don't believe one word he says - he hates me and is in league with Lochiel!"

"Who in hell is Lochiel?" Maglor asked, unconcerned. "Nah, he said Rabastan can have the bar transfer funds to his tab; he won't have to leave to get them. Anyway, main thing is, don't tease Rabastan, all right? I know now, and we're getting there, and it's entirely our own business, capisce?"

"You don't have to go mock-Italian at me," Asar-Suti said, "and now don't go all Ancient Elf on me and tell me how you played the lute for Lorenzo Il Magnifico..."

Maglor smirked. "Not? Do you want me to lie?"

Asar-Suti giggled, and then they fell silent, watching the birds circle around the big black ship the repairs of which were making nice headway.

"It's a pirate ship," Asar-Suti said. "I met the pirate who owns it."

Maglor just nodded.

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