asar_suti: (Purple Pride)
Asar-Suti ([personal profile] asar_suti) wrote2006-04-16 11:40 am

Easter brunch

Out on the lawn, in easy reach of the kitchen door, Asar-Suti had put two tables together.

Around the table, there were enough chairs and benches; on the table, coffee, tea and milk, juice and cereals were put out, fruit and eggs and toast, chocolate eggs and marmalade, plates and cups and cutlery.

With a basket of colourful Easter eggs in the place of honour.

[[OOC: Usual party post rules - tag in your pups, then tag each other! Thread is automagically slowtimes, as mostly with party posts - if you're a bit late, never mind, still tag in. After all, time zones and RL Easter mess with RP time. Enjoy!]]

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