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Loggage post: getting blood from Vaii

Asar-Suti was outside again, hunting wild pig. Not to harm them, of course, just to talk to them. If Vaii was content, then he was due his payment.

They were content. In fact the whole thing could not have gone any better if they'd tried. The sow was still adjusting to her new surroundings, but having another of her kind here made the transition easier. And for now, Vaii was content with the way things were.

Asar-Suti found them near the forest, on the far side of the lake. There was lots of space for them, lots of food. And Gil had promised to add brusied fruit at times. Vaii? he asked.

The boar turned his head. By now that voice was familiar to him enough that he did not have to ask who it was. Ah, so you have come at last, he began, unsure of whether he appreciated the interruption or not. Come to see how I fare, no? And to see if I think the sow is everything you promised? And to collect your payment?

And to ask you to fulfill your end of the bargain, Asar-Suti added, honestly, stepping closer. I am to leave for an expedition soon, and I would like to heal my faun before that. He is fed up with his hairy palms.

Vaii gave the Seker an odd look. What was wrong with hair on your forelimbs anyways? He had hair on his legs, and animals like wolves had hair on their paws as well as their legs. Humans were a funny sort of creature to fret over a little hair growing where they thought it shouldn't. Ah well. He did have a bargain to honour. Well, you do have the word of a lir, which to most is enough to ensure that I would go along with your plans. I take it you have brought the instruments needed to perform this task?

Asar-Suti nodded; and from his pocket, he took a hollow needle made of steel, about six inches long, and shapr and strong enough to pierce Vaii's thick skin. He also had a small vial, and a silver thimble, very plain, just pocked to keep a needle from slipping. May I? he asked, stepping closer.

As Vaii moved to investigate the instrument, to see how innoculous it looked, he heard the sound of leaves stirring and turned to watch the sow - who had been close to him until recently - run off. Clearly she recognised the man, and was afraid of him. A pity Vaii could not explain to her that this man meant well, and meant her no harm. Yes you may. And then perhaps after that we could give the sow a means to at least know that you and others are unlikely to cause her harm.

Asar-Suti nodded, and positioned the needle. With a strong shove of the thimble, he drove it home, upwards into Vaii's shoulder. Blood begand to fow; but before more than a drip had escaped, he took of the thimble and used it to catch the blood. When the thimble had filled, he quickly poured the contents into the vial; then, he drew another thimbleful, and withdrew the steel needle. He poured again, stoppered the vial, and put both in his pocket.

It was a strange sensation; a bit like being stung by an insect or bitten by a fly. His skin twitched as though that was what had caused the physical sensation and he turned his head as far as it would go to watch as the god withdrew that which he needed from the boar. And this will be sufficient to remove the hair from this faun's palms? There was, he thought, a possibility that he would be asked to donate more. It wasn't a pleasant thought and he hoped that this would be more than sufficient to use.

That should do it, Asar-Suti said. Would you mind if I got reaquainted with the Sardinian sow another time? I have to leave at sundown, and need to heal my faun before that. I am very glad, however, that you enjoy the sow's company; we'll get her to understand that she doesn't have to be afraid of people yet. He stood, and nodded to the lir boar in gratitude.

No, I would not mind. There will be other days for you and her to come to understandings between you. If he could smile he probably would. And you both will, but only after you have completed your tasks for your faun as well as this journey you must take. He gave a nod of his head. Let me know of how it turns out with you; if your plans have succeeded as you intended them to.

I will, Vaii; thank you, Asar-Suti anwered, and moved off, back into the bar to go heal his faun.

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